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No one I've ever met has made such an impact on my life as Bobby Braddock...I've always wished that everyone could hear these stories. How could so much be packed into one person's life? Think it's not possible? Spend a day with Bobby.
-BLAKE SHELTON, star of country music and NBC'€™s The Voice

The best book ever written about writing songs on Music Row... Bobby Braddock is arguably the greatest country songwriter of all time. This (book) should be his biggest hit yet.
-ALICE RANDALL, author New York Times bestseller The Wind Done Gone

Bobby Braddock is the greatest of all the country music songwriters and he'€™s written a rip-roaring history of Nashville and the characters who have made it what it is . He spins the stories of the greats and not-so-greats, the dreamers and the schemers, the bit players and the stars. I laughed out loud and maybe shed a tear or two. It's a great read for both country fans and those who wouldn't know country from Cole Porter. I loved it!

Bobby is a songwriters' songwriter who has a great gift for portraying what is real and genuine a true poet. I've always loved him and I get a kick out of his take on things. I am sure you will feel the same reading about his life on Music Row. Enjoy!
-DOLLY PARTON, legendary singer,songwriter, entertainer.

The Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter’s remarkably direct, engaging, outrageously funny, and insightful memoir of his long career on the main stage of Nashville’s storied music business. A gifted songwriter’s intensely personal inside story on the fast track in Nashville, where almost a century of music has generated a wealth of legends, myths, and heartbreakingly true stories. Bobby Braddock has been there for fully half of it—making him its most articulate and unabashed eyewitness to date.
-JOHN EGERTON, award-winning Southern author

This memoir combines penetrating self-revelation and very readable storytelling from an almost painfully smart, always generous writer who's able to look back at the charms and foibles of his younger, rougher self with perspective and endearing humor.  There's only one Bobby Braddock, and he's in these pages.
-BARRY MAZOR, author of Ralph Peer, and the Making of Popular Roots Music, and Meeting Jimmie Rodgers



Unflinchingly honest, frequently hilarious, and always insightful, the book candidly and imaginatively captures indelible scenes populated with characters whose names are familiar to a wide range of country music fans.
-Rolling Stone Country

Should be required reading for any aspiring artist or songwriter.
-Nash Country Weekly

A fascinating, truly engrossing hard-to-put-down book that deserves to be read by anybody interested in the business of music...holds the reader's attention throughout.
-Country Music People (UK)

Braddock offers a colorful view of the inner workings of the country-music business, an honest look at the life that shaped so many great songs, and a picture of the gradual but significant social and political changes that have taken place in the South during the last 50 years.
-The Nashville Scene

Whether remembering when he and a colleague raced naked down Music Row after a particularly wild night, or recounting afternoons of sipping wine, smoking pot, and trading ideas with John D. Loudermilk, Mickey Newbury, Guy Clark, and other giants, Braddock is always the observer, the reader'’s guide, never the hero
-Nashville Arts

Finally the book's theme turns to teaming up with a lanky, irreverent, mullet-headed Oklahoman. It's a tale of how belief, perseverance, and talent can triumph as, under the patient mentoring of this battle-scarred music biz vet, Blake Shelton launches his unlikely rise to country music superstardom. With precision, the author describes the early Shelton sessions-€”from picking songs and players to skirmishes with label brass.
-American Songwriter

The world of country music from Braddock'€™s insightful, self-deprecating and frequently hilarious perspective.

Rightly considered one of the greatest Country music songwriters of all time, Braddock reveals the good, the bad and the ugly about working in the music industry, and about his own personal and creative challenges. This is a ‘must read’ for every artist, musician and songwriter, as well as for anyone with an interest in Braddock’s unflinching insight into life on Nashville’s Music Row.
-NashvilleMusic Guide

Here’s the line I’ve waited all my life to see in a musician’s memoir of the civil rights-era South: “There were Southerners who were ahead of their time on race, and I wish I had been one of them, but I wasn’t, and to try to suggest otherwise would be a lie.” That’s a taste not only of Braddock’s candor, but of his ability to string together a sentence — if that were ever in doubt from the genius behind “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and the truck-driving marvel “Gear Bustin’ Sort of a Feller.” As for the anecdotes … well, we leave it to you to find which Music Row vet supplies the index entries “and Asshole Johnson,” “marijuana smoking” and “Krogerphobia.”
-The Nashville Scene ("Best Music Row Memoir")

Songwriter Bobby Braddock has lived in Nashville for 50 years, so it’s no surprise that the city takes a starring role his new memoir, A Life on Nashville’s Music Row. The supporting cast is remarkable too. George Jones, Dolly Parton, Marty Robbins, Blake Shelton, two ex-wives, a beloved daughter, and many other characters all make notable appearances. Braddock has distilled decades of experiences in the music business (and more than a few romantic entanglements) into an entertaining and insightful book.
-Music Row magazine


A mercilessly honest picture of the glorious and sinister forces that drive the life of a supremely creative writer.   If you care about country music -- if you care about music -- if you care about songwriting -- if you care about how the creative mind lives and works -- if you just want a great read -- pick up this book and plunge into the weird and wonderful world of songwriting on Nashville's Music Row through the eyes of one of its greatest creators.
-Jed Lancaster

This book is not only a chronicle of a fascinating life, but an important historical document about the complexities of the music business in Nashville from the sixties until the present. Bobby Braddock tells ALL about himself: the good, the bad, and the unflattering. Writing with a distinctly Southern flavor, Braddock's talent as a wordsmith makes it apparent why he has remained one of country music's top songwriters for so many decades.

Braddock'€™s reflections and insights are as clearly and simply written as his songs. Whether you'€™re familiar with his music or not, this book is rich with some of the most honest, to-the-bone reflections on losing your parents, on aging, on temporary insanity and parenthood, on evolving from a hard-core southerner and all that goes with it politically and culturally, on fame versus anonymity – on the general business of living -- that I've ever seen.
-J. Terr

The best part of this book comes from Braddock's remarkable candor, sometimes brutal honesty, about himself. That takes courage and is to be admired; and is what makes the book so interesting.
-Norma Jean Fritz

Good writing, good history, good stories.

A true account of Bobby's life that may have inspired so many great songs. I think his abilities are astonishing!
-Music Row Talent.

I loved every minute of it. I feel as I know Bobby Braddock better than I know members of my own family.
-Wayne Manning.

If you want a great history of country music in the 60s to the present, this is it.
-Amazon Customer

Loved everything about this book.

One of the most mesmerizing books I've ever read!
-Mississippi reader

I personally knew one of the writers mentioned and Braddock portrayed his story exactly as I knew it from the individual so I trust the remainder of the book to be accurate. And for whatever reason, I literally could not stop reading it.
Larry H. Sandlin

Heartbreaking and hilarious, informative and deeply insightful. A must read for music fans!

Loved the stories and the perspective on both Nashville and songwriting. Bobby Braddock has written another hit here. Highly recommended.
-Bill O'Hanion

"Could not put the book down.  Read it in about four days."    
by "Amazon Customer."


I absolutely love the feel of it in my hands.  I love the smell, the font, and the "southern" cloth cover. The pictures you have painted "feel" so vivid as I turn each rich, warm page.
I love your transparency, authenticity and careful "balance" of characters.
TT, Tennessee

Thanks for the laughs and the serious stuff...I loved the depictions of the crazy days at Tree. I loved the stories of Marty Robbins, Hank Snow, and others who are long gone now...Yours is an incredible life in music. And an incredible life outside of music.
PC, Tennessee

I have read cover to cover. .Loved, and was sorry for some of life's disappointed times.
VL, Florida

Made me cry. I can relate to what you are saying here in a powerful way, and I think what you are saying here is so important and moving.
SM, Montana

I’d like to express my admiration for your book. It is so well written and I’ve enjoyed every minute reading it. If one is - like me - interested in songwriting and all things considering Nashville and Music Row it'€™s a wonderful read....Especially I've enjoyed the pages about your producing Blake Shelton.
RM, Germany

I have never enjoyed a book so much.  It's incredibly written, and I could not put it down.  I just wanted to acknowledge how great I think it is.
TC, Tennessee

Hey Bobby,
I loved your book "Life on Music Row"...great pictures and great stories. It is so informative and so fun, it takes me back and triggers a lot of memories of my own.
Thanks for including me.
I've always loved you and loved your writing. I'm glad you've written a book. It's a good feeling, ain't it? I wish you the best and hope it does well for you.
DP, Tennessee

I just finished Chapter 12, and dread reading the next chapter because that will mean the end of the book! What a great memoir! I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute reading it!
TM, Tennessee

Wow!  Just finished the book... awesome! Last chapter was perfect!
Now you have to write another one! :)
TM, Tennessee

I feel like the book really has a good chance to make some noise, with the aid of a few publicity breaks. You put a gigantic effort into it you wrote it well, with monomaniacal attention to detail, and I think the book will really matter in the future.
MK, Tennessee

I've always been so proud of you for everything that comes out of your brilliant mind...and your literary writing is no exception!!  Sorry for all the exclamation points!!!!!!! You deserve as many as I could type, brother!!!
RV, Tennessee

I was writing with Xxxx Xxxxxx the other day and you made his day at one of your book signings by remembering him  He was also enjoying the book!  Another writer I know said he'd gotten the book as a gift and hasn't been able to put it down!
MD, Tennessee

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I'm completely rivited.  I have to put it down every couple of pages just to soak in the Nashville history from your perspectice.  Your writing is consuming.  I don't want to miss a nuance.  This is a very important book.
JW, Tennessee

Exceptionally poignant.
MC, Tennessee

Amazing.  I couldn't have been that honest.  Great job.
BH, Tennessee

Though it made me uncomfortable at times, as I'm sure it did you, I loved it.
JR Reed, Alabama, my ex-wife Sparky's present husband


Trae Stokes - super cool pics

Stephen L. Betts - Having read the book, I can safely say that however long the wait, it will be worth it! It's terrific!!!

Keith Ryan Cortright - A great man with a great book about great songs.

Charlie Monk  - Loving it...

Gary Nicholson - I'm loving reading it!

Linda Neal Chancey - It really is a great book. You brought out the real music business as it was in the hay day. Thank you Bobby.. Well done.

Leslie Barr -  I LOVE your book! I'm halfway through it - such a great read, funny, honest and so many cool facts about the music biz. Can't wait to see you at the Hall of Fame event this Saturday!

Carmen Beecher - I am enjoying the book so much that I can't get my painting commission done, and, Valentine, it's all your fault!

Jason Bragg - Speaking of things I like, Bobby Braddock has absolutely knocked it out of the park (again) with this one.

Robbie Bledsoe - Just finished reading it today. Great read. Stirred a lot of memories. Reconnected with a couple friends. I recommend it to anyone interested in behind the scenes history.

Suzanne MacKillop - I'm reading it and truly enjoying every word! Great picture,s.

Melissa Bollea Rowe - I highly recommend both of Bobby Braddock 's books. He is no doubt a GREAT Songwriter but he is equally talented as a GREAT WRITER. He makes you laugh, takes you to some of the most honest places that both shock you and amuse you but no doubt satisfy your muses giving you a big ole musical education of many sorts!

Ruby Tucker Sparkman - Love it

Leslie Barr  - You'll love this book.  So many cool music biz insider stories coming from the most brilliant songwriter ever!

Janie West  - Hey Bobby Braddock! Started your book last Wednesday and finished today. Could hardly put it down. What a TERRIFIC read!! Not only are you a world class songwriter, but you are also quite the author my friend. What a great history lesson of music row from someone who has been there and done that. And I'm insanely jealous that I wasn't part of Tree publishing in the 70s....sounds like one very long but productive party. Sorry I missed it. Loved every story about every song you have written, and I had no idea that you made records with my old boss Jimmy Bowen. Thank you for sharing your rich history with us. You are a true gem in the Nashville music community and we are fortunate to have you still with us and still rocking!

Sally Cooper - I just finished reading it and found it to be very interesting - from someone with no clue what life might be like in the music business! Of course, like your song-writing, you did a great job, easy to read, totally coherent! Whether it's your songs, your books or your posts on here, I always enjoy what you have to say - and agree with most of it!

Traci Luce -  It is the best book for sure!

Chris Donohoe -  This is a great read!

Carl Vip Vipperman - I just finished this amazing book. Bobby Braddock - one of the world's greatest songwriters - tells his Music Row life story with unflinching honesty and great good humor. If you're interested in the music, people, and business of Nashville in its Music Row heyday, this is a must read tour de force. Thanks for fearlessly telling your story, Double B

Only halfway through Bobby Braddock's "A Life on Nashville's Music Row" and I am already hooked.
-Ann Massey

Update: little over halfway through this book. It just gets harder to put down. Wow!
-Pete Pittman

I just finished reading this book. I laughed, I cried, I am in awe, as I have always been. Even if you don't know or care about songwriters, you will after this wonderful work by Bobby Braddock. I couldn't put it down. I literally left mascara smudges on a few pages.
-Robin Lee

Read both your books. Love 'em.
-Steve Hinson

I have done little else since this book arrived last week. An absolute masterpiece. Riveting. Raw. Honest. What a trip down memory lane. I loved it from beginning to end.
-Barbara Bahler Shofner.

Nashville is so much more fun, more, MUCH more real in this memoir than it is now.
-Lauren Koch

I really enjoyed your book. I'm going to read it again pretty soon, so as to more thoroughly bask in the wonderfulness.
-Dennis Wilson.

I am absolutely eating, sleeping, and breathing this book by Bobby Braddock. He is taking me down a more simple and distant Music Row. It's up to my generation to make sure it's not forgotten. Every page I read makes me want to dig deeper and write smarter.
- Jessi Alexander Stewart

A fantastic read.
-Jerry Alford.

One of the best books I've ever read.
-Janie West.

It's a great read.
-Bruce Bouton.

I am on the final chapter of your book. I have not wanted to read the last one because then it's over.
-Tammy Jacobs.

Just finished reading CMHOF member Bobby Braddock's remarkable book. I love the fact that Bobby wrote the book as an honest and open memoir rather than as an autobiography.
-Ron Harman.

Bobby Braddock's book is a must for your collection.
-Bobby Tomberlin.

It's a hell of a story and well written.
-Charles Perry Taylor.

It's 11 PM and I go back to work tomorrow and a classroom of kids, and I can't put this book down!!! It's going to be a long day all because of Bobby Braddock.
-Teri Graham Lane.

Order this great book by Bobby Braddock.
-Joel M, Wade.

I am starting my second read, There is so much excellent material, excellent book!! Thanks for sharing so much of your story.
-Rose Fagan.

Love your book, Bobby.
-Gary Nicholson.

I have his first book and am savoring his second. Buy yourself or a lover of a real country music a copy.
-Linda Hill.

Your book is hard to put down, inspiring, and insightful.
-Rebecca Magnuson.

Loving your book! Who would have ever known in high school that you had such a gift for writing! Congratulations!
-Shirley James Strickland.

Emma Martin Oswald - The book is great. Thanks for being so honest and open in sharing your life.
Bob McDill - Loving your new book, pal.


LOVE your book!!!! x0x0x0x0x0
PW, Tennessee

It is wonderful. I have laughed and cried.
-R.A. Tennessee.

I love, love, love your book! I am a slow reader and savor every moment with it.
-BH, Tennessee.

It's 3:22 AM and I can't put your book down. My weary eyes are glued to the magic of your lore.
- JD, Oklahoma.

Bobby, I don't know when I've enjoyed a book so much. So honest! Very inspiring.
BT, Alabama

Thank you for putting the time and effort into making a quality work...Thank you for your honesty and transparency- whether about politics, religion or relationships. It has helped me think through some things in my own life more clearly.
JM, Alabama

Just finished your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it...The candor with which you wrote about your financial woes over the years was eye opening and very interesting. ..I've thought for years that "I Wanna Talk About Me" was probably written about Deborah...but I was afraid to ask...glad to finally get the truth   ...Thanks for the great read.
MC, Tennessee

Thanks for a hugely entertaining book!
SB, Tennessee

I just love my book Bobby.  I'm enjoying it so much. You are so honest & open about everything!!
EB, Florida

Hi Bobby, I just finished your book. Loved it. What a life you've lived. Stayed true to yourself. And, I enjoyed reading about the music industry
CS, Florida

Hey Bobby! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book! I really appreciated the honesty in it!
KT, Tennessee

I ain't gettin nothing done, can't put this Damn book down. Lol I'm lovin it...Very honest.
LG, Florida

Hey Bobby, love the book!!!
RB , Indiana

You are not only a great song writer but an amazing author! I really could not lay it down! I know you don't remember me but I was also friends with Sue. In fact me, Audrey, Quinnie Acuff and Kim Hobbs spent several days in Panama City with Sue during 4th of July 1976. I have to say, I never saw the side of her you write about. I thought she was a sweet, funny and beautiful girl. She kept her dark side well hidden from us.
CM, Tennessee

WC, Ohio

Bobby, the book is great!
JC, New Mexico

Loving your new book Bobby.
KS, Florida

I met you at Dr. Tran's office eye clinic at VUMC last year...just bought a copy of your book, sat down and was at page 100 before the spell,was broken...a great read and wonderful honest story. Thank you!
CT, Tennessee

Hi Bobby, just finishing your last book. What a life you have had. A far cry from our small town.
ST, Florida

I wanted you to know I LOVE LOVE LOVE your book
CW, Tennessee

I couldn't put your book down! Thanks so much for for sharing your journey! I could relate to so many things you mentioned. (Loved the ending of the book..falling on the keys!) GJ, Tennessee.

I wanted you to know how much your book has meant to me, and to thank you for having the courage to write it. - RB, Texas

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